1 + 1; One Plus One; Exploring The Kinsey Reports

2684. 1+1 (Exploring The Kinsey Reports) (1961-USA-Canada). With LEO G. CARROLL, KATE REID, JUNE DUPREZ. Directed, written and produced by ARCH OBOLER. Back in the 1940s and 50s, Dr. Kinsey conducted several landmark studies of human sexual behavior. They were published in 1948 as “Sexual Behavior In The Human Male” and in 1953 as “Sexual Behavior In The Human Female.” This sensitive and thought- provoking drama is highlighted by various mini-dramas that depict the manner in which Kinsey’s research reflected and impacted upon individual human lives. The setting is a university where the eminent Professor Logan chairs a lecture on Kinsey’s studies. He notes that Americans are open to most everything new, from electric can openers to space exploration. However, when it comes to sexual matters, we have always been extremely uptight. Logan discusses Kinsey’s findings regarding premarital sex and extramarital sex, abortion and a variety of sexual experiences. He also notes that sexuality is not an exact science. Indeed, what might make for a perfectly legal marriage in Kentucky or Michigan could result in a jail sentence in Iowa or Wyoming, As the professor talks, members of the audience comment on Kinsey’s findings and commence heated and lively debates. Others allow their minds to drift, and their remembrances are dramatized. One woman recollects her wedding night. Another recalls her loneliness in a marriage in which her husband was too often away on business trips. A woman muses on her idea of romance and her affair with a wealthy man. A long-married man reads a Kinsey report and promptly sets out to find his old high school sweetheart. A woman has an unwanted pregnancy and contemplates an abortion. All of these stories center on meetings of minds and the combination of communication and self-awareness, which are central to positive human relationships. The various issues are presented freshly, and with no shortage of intelligence: All remain as vital today as when Kinsey first addressed them. 82 minutes. Docu-Drama