Aces And Eights

1451. ACES AND EIGHTS (1936-usa). WITH Tim McCoy, Luana Walters, Rex Lease, Wheeler Oakman. Directed by Sam Newfield. Wild Bill Hickok, famed as an adventurer, gambler, gentleman and marshal, is surely one of the Old West’s most revered and enduring names. Part of Hickok’s fame was derived from his ability to rapidly dispose of any and all adversaries by being quicker on the draw. Cast in the same mold as Wild Bill is one “Gentleman” Tim Madigan (legendary cowboy star Tim McCoy). Unlike Hickok, however, Madigan never carries a six-gun. Instead, he prefers to let his fists and fingers do his talking. From the Missouri to the Rockies, Madigan has garnered a reputation for his card playing and gambling. In this busy, colorful scenario, he is confronted by card cheats, thieves and killers, and is falsely accused of murderĂ‘and all of this occurs before he saves a ranch, reforms its owner’s wayward son, and charms the owner’s pretty daughter. By the way, the title Aces and EIGHTS is derived from the poker hand Wild Bill Hickok held when he was gunned down from behind by Jack McCall beck in 1676- an event which is recreated near this film’s beginning. As a result, Aces and Eights came to be known as “the death hand.” 58 minutes. Western