Adventures Of Superman

1530. ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN (1953-USA), Syndicated by the US. Treasury Department “Stamp Day For Superman,” with GEORGE REEVES. Flimed just as production was ending on Episode #52 of the famed kid series, this special story could be considered Episode #52.5. Yes, there’s a jewelry store robbery foiled by Supe (when the crook laments “If only I leamed how to save my money,” before being led away, you get a good idea what’s coming), yes, Lois gets herself in mortal danger once again, yes, he flies through the air and bends steel with his bare hands. But what’s really important, is that Superman “knows the power of Treasury Savings Stamps which can be exchanged for Treasury Bonds. ..a safe and sure investment. Running just over half the time of a regular episode, this quickie delivers the good word of the value of thrift with the subtlety of a Kryptonite sledgehammer. 16 minutes. Television-Kid Advent