After Mein Kampf; Story Of Adolf Hitler, The

903. AFTER MEIN KAMPF? (The Story of Adolf Hitler) (1940-England). This film has been produced in England under authoritative auspices. It portrays for the first time on the screen the life of Adolf Hitler. It is composed of actual documentary scenes and reconstructions of other tragic events which culminated in the rape of Poland, the seizure of the low countries, the collapse of France, and the attack on Great Britain. Everything is either fact or based on fact.” This most unusual film, probably the very first non-Nazi motion picture about Hitler, was made in England in the thick of the fighting during World War II. Using clever recreations and English language commentary over German newsreel footage, you can actually “see” young Adolf being rejected at the Austrian art school to which he applied, Adolf peddling his drawings and paintings in German taverns to eke out a living, and Hitler firing a pistol during the famed “Beer Hall” Putsch. Even the poor soul accused of setting the Reichstag fire is heard confessing during his trial (in English). Obviously, you’ll never see these scenes in any other film. “Coverage” of Hitler’s career stops with the embarrassing defection of Hess to England. Obviously meant as wartime propaganda, there’s little subtlety or sympathetic treatment of Herr Hitler. His portrait is blended into a grinning skull’s head, animated sequences mock him and question the legitimacy of his Schicklgruber ancestry. Nazis are shown at their worstÑkilling, torturing, burning books. “And what about you, America? After he finishes wilh Europe, will you be next?” 43 minutes. Drama Documentary