Alcoa Theater And Telephone Time

2102. ALCOA THEATRE AND TELEPHONE TIME (November 9, 1959-March 14, 1957). Two short teleplays with casts to remember!
1. ALCOA THEATRE (November 9, 1959). NBC-TV net. “The Golden Shanty,” with ERROL FLYNN, PATRICIA BARRY, PETER HANSEN. A successful conman calling himself “Doctor Boatwright” returns to the scene of one of his swindles finds a flying brick awaiting him!
2. TELEPHONE TIME (Star For Today) (March 14, 1957). CBS-TV net. “Fight for The Title,” with MICHAEL LANDON, JOHN NESBITT (host). The story of lightweight boxing champion Benny Leonard, and the strange case of “Kid Lombard.” One of the first appearances of a future superstar! 51 minutes total. Television Drama