Amazing Mr. X, The

2375. THE AMAZING MR. X (1948-usA). With TURHAN BEY, LYNN BARI, CATHYO’DONNEL, RICHARD CARLSON, DONALD CURTIS, VIRGINIA GREGG. Amazing indeed! This effectively macabre mystery chiller tells the story of wealthy young Christine Faber, whose husband Paul died two years earlier in a car crash. Christine still deeply mourns the loss of her beloved mate. She is being pursued romantically by nice guy Martin Abbott, who would make a suitable second husband. Her sweet and impressionable younger sister Janet encourages Martin’s attention while insisting that Christine pull herself together and get on with her life. Still, Christine observes that she does not think she ever could love another man the way she loved Paul. While strolling one evening along the beach nearby her seaside mansion, Christine meets the mysterious Alexis, a psychic-consultant who seems to know all about her life with Paul. Alexis volunteers frighteningly accurate information on Christine’s deepest feelings and desires. Perhaps he will serve as a vehicle through which she will be able to come in touch with her late mate. All through her contact with Alexis, Paul’s spirit somehow seems close to Christine. This is so in ways that are sure to prove horrifying for one and all in a haunting scenario that is chock full of surprises. 78 minutes Drama