American Empire

992. AMERICAN EMPIRE (1942-usa). With Richard Dix, Preston Foster, Leo Carrillo, Frances Gifford, Guinn Williams, Jack la Rue, Cliff Edwards, Hal Taliaferro. Return to those thrilling and glorious days when the West was young, and the American Dream was still possible to achieve! In this action-packed Western saga, set after the Civil War, two riverboat owners abandon the river and settle down to build a cattle empire in Texas. It’s all here: the heroic cattle drives, the fierce battles with rustlers, the furious gunfights, the making of vast fortunes. Inevitably, the partners come into bitter conflict with each other. One believes in open ranges, and in the railroad, with all the settlers, towns, and law and order it would bring. The other builds barbed wire fences, keeps other ranchers from taking their herds across his land, and tries to prevent the coming of the railroad and civilization. But the tragic loss of his son and the near-destruction of his marriage force him to see the error of his ways, and in the literally explosive climax, he helps save the families of the very ranchers he had sworn to oppose. In its own unpretentious way, this film tells the story of the West much more effectively than do many big-budget epics. 79 minutes. Western