Amphibian Man, The

2999. THE AMPHIBIAN MAN (1961-USSR} COLOR. A remote and otherwise nondescript Spanish fishing village has lately been rocked by the presence of a mysterious sea monster which is said to resemble a man-shaped fish. This “sea devil” reportedly has been wrecking fishing boats and causing much distress among the natives. Nonetheless, as you will see, appearances are not necessarily what they seem! For one thing, this creature actually is more of an angel than a devil. He is a kind and gentle “amphibian man” named Ichtiander who is in all respects a human being; his lungs are like those of a shark, and this is what enables him to live and breathe underwater, Ichtiander comes to the rescue of Gutiere, a beautiful and strong-willed young woman who is attacked by a shark while swimming in the ocean. She had dived in while attempting to elude the grasp of the smarmy Don Pedro, who lusts after her and has been pressuring her into what surely would be a disastrous marriage. Even though Don Pedro knows that Ichtiander was responsible for saving Gutiere, he is more than willing to take the credit. At the same time he plots to acquire untold wealth by manipulating Ichtiander into becoming his own one- man pearl diving enterprise. This expertly devised combination horror-science ficlron- romantic fantasy tells an eerie and entertaining story of greed and lust, passion and terror, and is loaded with atmosphere and color. Dubbed in English. 82 minutes. Science Fiction