Appointment With Crime

2715. APPOINTMENT WITH CRIME (1945-England). With WILLIAM HARTNELL, ROBERT BEATTY, JOYCE HOWARD, HERBERT LOM. Leo Martin is an underling in a gang that attempts a daring London jewel robbery in broad daylight. Of all the gang members, he is the one who takes the biggest risk in the scheme, and he is the only one who is apprehended. “We won’t let you down,” he is told beforehand by his conspirators. However, he alone takes the rap and ends up wasting away in jail. Upon his release, Martin is a bitter man. As he wanders the London streets, one word is emblazoned across his brain. That word is “revenge.” This spine-tingling film noir thriller charts the manner in which Martin goes about retaliating against those who double-crossed him. This time around, he swears that he will not be manipulated. He will not be made the fool. A gallery of colorful characters make their way into the scenario. They include Loman, a lying and sniveling hood who manages a dance hall; Carol Dane, a tough but vulnerable dime-a-dance girl who becomes involved with Martin; Gregory Lang, a debonair, yet sinister art dealer; and Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Rogers, the cop who doggedly tracks Martin’s activity. Character actor William Hartnell offers a brilliantly intense, Cagneyesque portrayal as Martin. Recommended. 88 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense