Atom Age Vampire

999. ATOM AGE VAMPIRE (1961-ltaly). With ALBERTO LUPO, SUSANNE LORET. A brilliant but deÂcidedly mad scientist, who has discovered the secrets of genetic mutation by studying the aftermath of HiroÂshima, experiments on a beautiful blonde, hideously disfigured in an auto accident. He succeeds in making her scars disappear, but they keep reforming, and the scientistÑwhose passion for his patient has grown into a lunatic obsessionÑmust kill other women and give her their glands. To accomplish these fiendish murders, he injects himself with a serum that transforms him into an extremely powerful and ugly beast. Will he succeed in curing her permanently? Will she escape his clutches before he can possess her completely? Will her boyÂfriend come to the rescue in time and vanquish the monster? The answers to these and other world-shaking questions can be found in the climax of this, campy thriller, which transports the best (or worst) of Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Wolfman to the atomic era. Dubbed into English. 71 minutes. Horror