Atomic Brain, The; Monstrosity

2337. THE ATOMIC BRAIN (Monstrosity) (1964-usa). With Frank Gerstle, Erika PETERS. “Can death be outwitted? Today medical science patches up mutilated bodies, transplantiÂng human skin, eyes, limbs, even vital organs. Is the next step the transplantation of the human brain?” Such are the questions raised in this genuinely weird and scary horror film. If brains transÂplants prove to be scientific reality, other considerations arise. Will the wealthy and corrupt steal the bodies of the young and beautiful so that they may gain eternal life? One such affluent and morally bankrupt individual is fanatical old Mrs. March, who has been financing the experiments of the brilÂliant Dr. Otto Frank. Perhaps the doctor’s name has been shortened from “Frankenstein?” One thing is certain; the doctor has just grafted a living animal’s brain into the body of a recently deceased woman. His next step is certain to be a human brain transplant. This time around a corpse will no longer suffice as the recipient of the brain. Only a living and breathing human will do. Enter three pretty but innocent foreign-born domestics who have been hired by Mrs. March. Each has neither friend nor relative within thousands of miles. Their bodies are ripe for Dr. Frank’s sinister experiÂments. Beware! 65 minutes. Horror