Attack Of The Giant Leeches, The; Giant Leeches, The

1769. THE ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES (The Giant Leeches) (1959-USA). With KEN CLARK, YVETTE VICKERS, TYLER McVEY. Executive producer: ROGER CORMAN. The good old boy, famed among his peers for getting liquored up and telling tall tales, claims he’s seen the most horrible of monsters in a nearby swamp. His buddies laugh at him, but little do they realize that their steamy Deep South hamlet will soon be shaken out of its slumber by the presence of giant leeches: mutations that will be attacking human beings, and sucking their blood. One by one the bodies fall or, rather, sink to the bottom of the swamp while in the clutches of a leech, in this unintentionally zany Roger Corman quickie. There’s a hero: a game warder named Steve (Ken Clarke) an actor with all the charisma of a slab of wood). Steve has been trying to rid the area’s natural of poachers, but he finds himself battling a force far more deadly than any human being ever before. He’s surrounded by a gallery of broadly conceived Southern Stereotypes, including an obnoxious bullying sheriff and a busty, hot-tempered tart who’s described by her fat slob of a husband as “she-devil.” She struts her stuff half-naked around the town’s male citizens, and is quick to cheat on her mate. You won’t be able to guess the special fate the leeches have in store for her. The original story and screenplay for this were conjured up by actor LEO GORDON. Back in front of the came Leo! 62 minutes. Horror