Attack Of The Robots

994. ATTACK OF THE ROBOTS (1966-France-Spain). With EDDIE CONSTANTINE, FERNANDO KEY. A fast-moving, humorous spy adventure with a preposterous plot about individuals being turned into roÂbots and programmed to commit political assassinations. To discover the leaders of the robot organization, Interpol hires a hard-boiled former secret agent, whose chief interests are fighting, gambling, and sex. His search takes him to various exotic locales, where he encounters beautiful but treacherous women, kidnapping attempts, Chinese spies, car chases, double and triple crosses, and lots of violence. Of course, this isn’t comÂpletely original, but it copies from the very best. When Interpol gives the agent electrified gloves, an exploding umbrella, a cigar bomb, and a pen that becomes a flute – the sound of which breaks a glass vial, releasing gas – his reaction is, “How many James Bond films have you seen recently?” The reply: “More than you think!” Keep your tongue firmly planted in your cheek, and you’ll have a good time with this light-hearted spy spoof. Dubbed into English. 88 minutes. Suspense-Adventure