Baby Face Morgan

2615. BABY FACE MORGAN (1942-USA). With MARY CARLISLE, RICHARD CROMWELL, ROBERT ARMSTRONG, CHICK CHANDLER, CHARLES JUDELS. As this laugh-a-minute crime comedy commences, a gang of two-bit racketeers who work in all corners of the nation convene at the Hotel Metropole in Central City. They are told by crime boss Doc Rogers that a new leader must be found to replace the fate beloved Big Mike Morgan. If they do not find a fearless and courageous man to guide them, the syndicate never will regain the big profits made during the Morgan reign, Doc believes the best man for the job is Big Mike’s son, Eddie Morgan. Boy, does he have a wrong number! Eddie is a gullible milquetoast and baby-faced rube who works as a soda jerk. However, because of a side-splitting series of misunderstandings, Eddie is believed to be a cunning and ruthless killer. Doc brings Eddie to Central City and sets him up as president of the Acme Protection Company. Clueless Eddie honestly believes he is in the insurance business. meanwhile, the racketeers and their frightened victims think a vicious thug named Baby face Morgan is running the syndicate. Eddie smartens up to the crooked scheme with the help of a gutsy girlfriend, and it is the mollycoddle versus the mob in this delightful offbeat comedy. 59 minutes. Comedy