Backs Turned; Cuban Confidential

2914. BACKS TURNED (Cuban Confidential) (1956-Cuba). A man named Joe arises bright and early one morning. He pets his dog and bids hello to his neighbors. However, people seem strangely unfriendly. He ponders if he has done anything to alienate himself from these usually cordial folk. Joe decides to walk to his office. While doing so he notices that he momentarily cannot feel any kind of emotion. Then he realizes that he is lost. He has wandered not to his place of work, but right into a cemetery! Now he finds himself pondering the meaning of life-and death. As you can see, this certainly will be no average and ordinary day for this otherwise average and ordinary Joe. What follows is a truly unusual allegory which takes Joe on a fascinating journey. What he sees and feels during this most eventful trip will at once move you and even massage your mind. The result truly is a profound and one-of-a-kind film, the impact of which is nothing short of shattering. Finally, be sure to remember that all of the “people (you see on screen) are real…any resemblance (to you, the viewer) is a happy or bitter reality!” Dubbed in English. 57 minutes. Drama