Bad Men Of Nevada; Mysterious Riders; Fighting Phantom, The

2427. BAD MEN OF NEVADA (Mysterious Riders) (The Fighting Phantom) (1933-usa). With Kent Taylor, Lona Andre, Warren Hymer, Irving Pichet, Gail Patrick. Based on a novel by Zane Grey. Boulder Dam has just been completed. It is the largest artificial reservoir in the world. However, this 100-mile fake will be of no use to the farmers and ranchers of a water-starved Nevada valley unless an aqueduct is constructed that will carry the wet stuff from the dam to their dry soil. Legislation passes in Washington allowing for the aqueduct’s construction. This delights stalwart cowboy rancher Wade Benton and his sidekick Jitney Smith along with their fellow valley landowners. Now one and all will enjoy prosperity. Land values will rise and the valley even might eventually become a gold mine. Lawyer Cliff Harkness (who is not inaccurately described as a “cheap shyster”) alleges that he is the legal owner of all the land in the valley, and presents a deed proving the claim. Benton and his neighbors agree to buy the acreage back from him. A bit of chicanery on Harkness’ part eventually leads to a false accusation of thievery against Benton. Our hero declares that he now “must work things out my own way” in order to prove his innocence. The result is one whopper of a Western, jam-packed with thrills, gun- fights and excitement. 59 minutes. Western