Battle Beyond The Sun

2184. BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN (1963-USA) COLOR. The year is 1997. The world has separated into two opposing powers: the North Hemis and the South Hemis. For five years leading South Hemis scientists have been toiling on the top-secret “Project Red Planet,” the culmination of which will be the landing of the first earthling on Mars. Information has leaked from the North Hemis that they too are developing similar plans. The North Hemis pilot is obsessed with beating the other side and so he blasts off for Mars even though his ship is ill prepared for such a hazardous trip. The South Hemis ship is launched on schedule. Suddenly the course of the ship mysteriously changes. It is being pulled away by the powerful magnetic force of the sun. What will be the fate of both the spacecraft and all its inhabitants? This thought-provoking science fiction drama serves as a first-rate entertainment and an effective allegory regarding the manner in which real-life world powers relate and compete. The film also has an intriguing genesis. It originally was a science fiction drama produced in the Soviet Union in 1959. The names of the actors you see in the opening credits are all pseudonyms. “Edd Perry” is actually Ivan Pereverzev. “Aria Powell” is actually A. Popova. “Andy Stewart” is A. Shvorin. Producer-director Thomas Colchart is another made-up name. The one credit that is not a phony is FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA. He was then a young and eager UCLA film student getting his feet wet in moviemaking. Coppola is listed as the associate producer, and he supervised the film’s English adaptation. His father Carmine (billed as “CARMEN” COPPOLA) composed the music. Dubbed into English. 67 minutes. Science Fiction