Battle Of The Worlds

2177. BATTLE OF THE WORLDS COLOR. (1961-Italy). With CLAUDE RAINS. The great character actor Claude Rains adds his formidable presence to this compelling science fiction melodrama. He plays the brilliant but arrogant Professor Benson, top man at a scientific observatory. “My duty is to science,” Benson single-mindedly observes. “I’m a scientist, not a defender of the human race.” Benson is destined to play a principal role in a most unusual scenario, which just might result in the annihilation of the human race. It appears that a planet from a far-off galaxy has entered our solar system and is speeding towards Earth. Because of its size it will not burn up upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The result can only be catastrophic. At a point 95,000 miles away from disaster, the planet mysteriously changes course and begins orbiting around the Earth. Benson’s fellow scientists are relieved. However, they are surprised and shocked when Benson declares that the planet had better be destroyed-pronto. What follows is an eerie science fiction saga filled with startling plot developments and neat special effects. 84 minutes. Science Fiction