Behind Your Radio Dial

485. BEHIND YOUR RADIO DIAL and WESTINGHOUSE PRESENTS (c. 1948-USA). A film produced by NBC but not for telecast. A look behind broadcasting ‘today’. How programs are produced and transmitted. Narrated by H.V. KALTENBORN, BEN GRAUER and others. FRED ALLEN, TOSCANINI, FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY’S closet, and other performers shown. How the network started, a tour of Radio City and look at the first NBC television station, WNBT in New York. A must for vintage radio fans. Plus “Westinghouse Presents” with JOHN CHARLES THOMAS. A complete radio show performed for the cameras. John Charles sings several songs. JOHN NESBITT tells a “Passing Parade” story about the family parlor on a Sunday in 1910; the VICTOR YOUNG ORCHESTRA; KEN DARBY CHORUS. Plus a short. “The Radio Rubes” A fun film with some very talented hillbilly singers (that’s hillbilly, not country-western!). Unbelievably corny, but an awful lot of fun as you follow the bouncing hall and sing along with “The Radio Rules,” 45 minutes total. Documentary Music