Bell Telephone Science Hour

2917. BELL TELEPHONE SCIENCE HOUR (November 19, 1956) CBS-TV net. COLOR. “Our Mr. Sun.” With EDDIE ALBERT, DR. FRANK BAXTER, LIONEL BARRYMORE, MARVIN MILLER. Written, produced and directed by FRANK CAPRA. The first show of the series. “Mr. Sun” and “Father Time,” brought to life through clever animation, tell us all we could possibly want to know about the sun. Aimed at adults, the program is easily understandable by children, even the sections on solar energy and thermonuclear reactors. Told in a most entertaining way, the show would fit right into a high school science course. What did the ancients know about the sun, what do we know about it today? What about sunspots, solar flares, eclipses, auroras, and how we study the sun “today.” This is one of the outstanding examples of how television lived up to its promise to inform as well as entertain. Highly recommended. 57 minutes. Nonfiction TV