Ben Turpin: Keystone Comedies

1. SEEIN’ THINGS (1924-USA). With BEN TURPIN. Comedy favorite Ben Turpin plays Joe Grubb, a man who knows no marital bliss. Poor Joe is a “model husband” who has never struck his wife-except in self defense. Whether Mr. Grubb is consciously rebelling against his oppressive Mrs., or is playing the boob who is a thorn in the side of his battle-ax, the result is chaos and hilarity. This fill a television set, circa 1924. NOTE: Thrs film also appears as cat. #1889.
2. HE LOOKED CROOKED or WHY BEN BOLTED (1917). With BEN TURPIN. As an April Fool’s joke on his wife, a prominent auto salesman sends a crate to his house with Ben inside! But the maid opens the package first and promptly falls in love with the cross-eyed contents. For some peculiar reason-which is just as logical as anything else in the film-she disguises Ben as her sister, and they have Ben’s pal take his place in the crate. Trouble is, the pal has just swindled the car salesman with counterfeit money, and after he emerges from the crate, there are plenty of hilarious consequences! NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #1123. 3. SHE SAID NO (1926-USA). With BEN TURPIN. Cross-eyed Ben may be straight, but his landlady thinks he looks crooked. So she promptly boots him out or his boarding house home. Ben bumps into Pullman Charlie, who has just stolen a showgirl’s string of pearls. Ben finds himself comically mixing with the showgirl, her fellow Hotsey Totsey dancers and the lecherous owner of the theater in which they appear. As you watch this, you will be wondering who the real dummy is: Ben or one or the mannequins he jostles with backstage!
4. OUT OF CONTROL (1917-USA). With BEN TURPIN. Ben is perfectly cast as Vic Vacuum, a dolt who “was kicked in the head by a mule when young.” Vic finds a coin on the pavement and now must make a momentous decision: to eat, or not to eat and purchase a movie ticket to gaze at that popular screen queen, Dora Darling in her latest motion picture. Vic chooses the latter and emerges from the theater smitten with Dora. How could he possibly get to meet his passion in person? Also offered is a privileged look at life on a movie set during the century’s second decade. “Silent” films with music score. 78 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy