Ben Turpin Rides Again

528. BEN TURPIN RIDES AGAIN (Cross-Eyed!) (1923, 1924, C. 1928-USA0. THREE SIAPSTICK MACK SENNETT shorts with BEN TURPIN, the cross-eyed wonder.
1. THE DAREDEVIL (1923-USA). Ben’s a Hollywood slum man, much to the sorrow of the director. Includes several behind-the-scenes glimpses of movie making in the 20’s.
2. YUKON JAKE (1924-USA). Ben’s a two fisted? Western sheriff out to track down 2 baddies (built lit gorillas) through the frozen North. Not even a grizzly can make Ben ‘bear’ it!
3. THE EVES HAVE IT (C.1928-USA). Ben’s a henpecked husband trying to do a bit of fishing. A typical ‘barefoot boy’ seems to be having all the luck. Don’t miss the scene where Ben’s caught by his suspenders on a moving truck. Silent films with music score, correct projection speed. 56 minutes total. ÒSilentÓ Comedies