Beyond Bengal

2734. BEYOND BENGAL (1933-USA). Directed by HARRY SCHENCK. With HARRY SCHENCK, JOAN BALDWIN. Along what then was called the Gulf of Siam lies a narrow strip of land known as the Malay Peninsula. It may be one of the world’s garden spots, but at the same time it is untamed and unexplored jungle. Adventurers have attempted to travel across the peninsula and do battle against all the natural defenses with which the jungle has armed itself. Their purpose: to unveil and photograph the secrets of the peninsula for all the world to see. This thrilling documentary is a pictorial record of one such expedition led by filmmaker Harry Schenck. Accompanying him is British scientist Joan Baldwin and a group of Malayan and Siamese servants ana guides. Schenck leads the elephant train as it heads off into the jungle. What he and his party find there must be seen to be believed! They ford deep rivers and spy on animals which are at once rare and exotic and, in some cases, deadly. They capture on film many never-before-seen sights, resulting in what is at once a vivid documentary record and true-life adventure that is crammed with human drama. 59 minutes. Documentary