Big Breakdowns, The; Hollywood Bloopers Of The 1930’s

805. THE BIG BREAKDOWNSÑHOLLYWOOD BLOOPERS Of THE 1930’s. (1930’s-USA). Movie out-takes from Warner BrothersÑthe scenes that for some reason never made it into the final picture, featuring JOAN BLONDELL, HUMPHREY BOGART, WARD BOND, GEORGE BRENT, JOE E. BROWN, JAMES CAGNEY, BETTE DAVIS, CLAIRE DODD, GLENDA FARRELL, ERROL FLYNN, DICK i FORAN, JOHN GARFIELD, HUGH HERBERT, LESLIE HOWARD, ALLEN 1ENKINS, BORIS KARLOfF, PATSY’ KELLY, EDGAR KENNEDY, BARTON mclane, PAUL MUNI, PAT O’BRIEN, PORKY PIG, DICK POWELL, EDWARD G. ROBINSON, ANNA MAY WONG, JANE WYMAN, and many more youÕll recognize. Porky Pig hitting his thumb with a hammer has to be one Of the funniest scenes never seen on the screen. 27 minutes. Bloopers