Big Calibre

2431. BIG CALIBRE (1935-USA). With BOB STEELE, PEGGY CAMPBELL. Curly-haired cowboy star Bob Steele adds his pleasing presence to this enjoyable and cleverly plotted Western adventure. He is cast as a tough and determined cowpoke whose father owns the Triple “N” Ranch. Bob implores Dad to immediately deposit his $60,000 cash in the bank. A shadowy figure appears at his window and he is felled not by a gunshot or knife but by a mysterious powder! Bob and the sheriff bring traces of the powder to chemist Otto Zenz so that it might be analyzed. Our hero immediately recognizes Zenz’s footprint as being the same one on the murder scene, but the chemist narrowly escapes his clutches. “I’ll run him down if it takes the rest of my life,” Bob promises. A year passes, at which time they come upon the town of Gladstone which is destined to be the end of their trail. Nonetheless, the unmasking of the crafty chemist and his scheming crony will be no simple task. Before it can happen Bob will find himself falsely accused of robbing a stage and murdering his father’s old friend. Among the dramatic highlights are a brutal barn-dance fistfight and an imaginatively devised chase finale. 58 minutes. Western