Big Picture, The

3073. THE BIG PICTURE (c. 1960-USA). Produced and syndicated by the United States Army. “WORLD WAR II IN THE PACIFIC.” Two complete broadcasts. The war against Japan started with Pearl Harbor. This well-produced summary of the major battles and fighting begins with graphic pictures of the devastation caused by the sudden attack. The capture of the Philippines soon followed as did the Bataan “death march.” Corregidor falls and MacArthur vows “I shall be back.” There are scenes of Doolittle’s raid on Tokyo early in the war, the decisive battle of the Coral Sea, Guadalcanal, the invasion of the Philippines, the battle of Leyte Gulf (considered “the greatest naval battle in history”), the fighting on Okinawa and many other islands, the A-bomb being dropped on Hiroshima and the signing of the Surrender aboard the battleship Missouri. A well-done overview of the complete war in the Pacific. 56 minutes. War Documentary