Big Timber

2382. BIG TIMBER (1950-usa) WITH roddy mcdowali, jeff donnell, gordon jones, ROBERT SHAYNE, LYLE TALBOT. Roddy McDowall stars as “Doc” Wheeler, a recently graduated tree surgeon from Chicago who yearns for the northern country, the smell of pine, and a feeling in his heart that he is at last where he belongs. “Doc” jumps at the chance of joining a logging camp, and the irony of cutting down what he loves so deeply is not lost upon him. “I sometimes look at this job as an internship. You know, like a doctor has certain things to do before he’s ready for his real job….Mine’s forestry, taking care of trees.” But everything turns sour when certain loggers misÂtake his youthful enthusiasm and likability as a calculated attempt at usurping their jobs. McDowall was only 22 years old during this production, but already with over 12 years of film work under his belt. Always a sensitive and gifted actor, he truly comes of age here while still possessing his boyish charm that is forever linked with him. McDowall even takes an Associate Producer’s credit here which no doubt explains the high quality of much of this film. Add to the mix a story which neatly blends equal parts of romance, jealousy and sabotage, and BIG TIMBER is a Big Delight. 73 minutes. Drama