Big Timers

2328 .BIG TIMERS (1945-usa). WITH Stepin Fetchit, Francine Everett, the all American GIRL BAND, The setting Of this extremely rare and tune-filled all-black-cast entertainment is Sugar Hill, “where the rich folks live.” The story is Of “the poor folks who work for the rich folks on Sugar Hill.” One such member Of the lower crust is a young singer named Betty Washburn (played by pretty Francine Everett), whose mother toils on Sugar Hill as a housemaid. Betty is mighty upset. She has met the man Of her dreams while singing at the “army canteen.” He is dashing Lieutenant Tom Powers and he comes from “one Of the wealthiest families in the Midwest.” Tom wants to marry Betty immediately and is bringing his parents from Chicago to meet her. “I love him more than anyÂthing else in the world but don’t you see,” Betty tells her mom. “He doesn’t know that we’re just poor people. He thinks I come from a society family.” Betty fears that she will lose Tom once he disÂcovers her true background. Mama hatches an ingenious plan which will enable her to pawn herself and her daughter Off as the pillars Of Sugar Hill society. Multi-talented Stepin Fetchit will crack you up in his role as a bumbler who assists the Washburns in their scheme. He also gets to do the kind Of full-Of-jive musical routine that he never was able to perform in any Of his Hollywood movies. To add to the fun, the lovely Miss Everett gets to sing and the all-female All American Girl Band gets to swing. 36 minutes. ÒAll BlackÓ Musical