Bill And Coo

1081. BILL AND COO (1947-USA) COLOR, A wacky look at the quiet town Of Chirpendale, which just happens to be populated entirely by lovebirds-but what lovebirds! The whole film is performed by birds. These talented, feathered actors run stores, build houses, push baby carriages, sell ice cream, go boating and act just like regular folks. Of course, they also fall in love. The whole town is talking about the romance between Bill (a struggling cabbie) and Coo (daughter Of the wealthiest man in town). But things aren’t all rosy in Chirpendale because Of the Black Menace (a predatory crow) and his terrifying raids. When the Menace attacks again while everyone is enjoying a visiting all-bird circus. Bill proves himself a hero and gets his gal. George Burton’s Lovebirds and Curley Twiford’s Jimmy The Crow perform an impresĂ‚sive array Of bird stunts while KEN MURRAY fills the narration with cornball puns, praising the pawnbroker as “one Of the town’s redeeming features” and accusing a jailbird Of “passing a bum chick.” A genuine oddity in the annals Of filmdom, Bill and Coo was awarded an Honorary Oscar for “artistry and patience blended in a novel and entertaining use Of film.” 53 minutes. Comedy