Billy and Benny: Two Reel Comedy Classics

1. SUPER-STUPID (1934-USA). With VINCE BARNETT, BILLY GILBERT. Billy preaches to an audience about the sanctity of the family and the home. If your marriage is about to be torn apart, why not keep it together by purchasing a tube of Gilbert’s Super-Slickurn Glue? He and his pal Vince are hucksters who will sell anything to anybody, and wherever they go, they leave a trail of chaos and laughter.
2. THE PROMOTER (1932-USA). With BENNY RUBIN. Strangler Smith is a hulking wrestler who gets into a brawl with a pair of paperhangers. Enter Benny the promoter, who promptly arranges to put the larger of the duo in the ring with ‘The Strangler.” So begins this deft parody of what goes on during wrestling matches both inside and outside the ring. The centerpiece is a comical match featuring Benny as a substitute grappler!
3. GUESTS WANTED (1932-USA). With BENNY RUBIN. A conglomeration of zany vaudeville types make Louise Carver’s Theatrical Boarding House their home base. Benny plays one of them, a young charmer who is behind in his rent. He thinks his money problems are solved for good when he inherits a hotel. However, what will he have to do to fill its rooms with guests?
55 minutes total. Comedy