Billy Bevan: A Mack Sennett Funny Man

1. BUTTERFINGERS (1925-USA). With BILLY BEVAN. Produced by MACK SENNETT. Billy revolutionizes the game of baseball in this fastball slapstick. He plays a cracker- jack pitcher whose special way of tossing a horsehide would put Walter Johnson to shame. With the aid of a neat little device, he causes his pitches to take all sorts of unusual paths.
2. PINK PAJAMAS (1929-USA). With BILLY BEVAN, VERNON DENT. Vernon Vance weighs two pounds less than a horse, but doesn’t have half the sense. He pesters his wife for no reason and is even jealous when she pays attention to a parrot! Bevan plays Billy Brooks, Vernon’s new neighbor. Billy has an altogether different relationship with his mate. In the Brooks’ household it is the wife who is ever-suspicious of the husband.
3. ICE COLD COCOS (1926-USA). With BILLY BEVAN, ANDY CLYDE. Produced by MACK SENNETT. Billy and Andy play Gus Gander and “Cuckoo” Charlie, icemen who cause comical confusion wherever they set foot. They tangle with an overgrown lummox and his zany family, which of course leads to a hockey game! Keep your eye on that errant block of ice! Tongs a lot!
4. CIRCUS TODAY (1926-USA). With BILLY BEVAN. Produced by MACK SENNETT. Billy and the Big Top come together in this frantic pie-in-your-face slapstick which is too fast-paced and comically chaotic to begin describing. The highlights: Billy astride a bicycle as he performs a daredevil stunt with an elephant, and the plight of the lion-on- the-loose!
“Silent” films with music score. 68 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy