Bitter Sweet

2567. BITTER SWEET (1933-England). With ANNA NEAGLE, IVY ST. HELIER. Dialogue, lyrics and music by NOEL COWARD. This screen version of perhaps the most significant musical play of Noel Coward’s early career makes for wonderful classic entertainment. It is a sentimental and moving operetta set in the late 19th century. The heroine is a lovely young English gentlewoman named Sarah MiIlick, who escapes from an engagement to a stodgy fiancee and begins the romantic adventure of her life. She has fallen in love with Carl, her handsome music teacher. Together, they elope to his native Vienna. Sarah and Carl have no money, but they are in love, and it is springtime in one of Europe’s most romantic cities. In a dingy walk-up flat, they live on liverwurst and love until they find work in a cafe where Carl’s dear friend, Manon la Crevette, is the featured entertainer. Life is good for them until a flirtatious captain tries to force his attentions on Sarah. Anna Neagle, one of Britain’s most beloved musical stars, brings the character of Sarah to vibrant life in this tale of a perfect but ill-fated romance. Another highlight is the riveting performance of Ivy St. Helier as Manon, recreating her role from the original London stage production. Thrs musical melodrama is a must for anyone who has known the fullness of true love’s passion! 84 minutes. Musical