Black Abbot, The

2548. THE BLACK ABBOT (1963-Cermany). With KLAUS KINSKI. Based on a novel by EDGAR WALLACE. A man is stabbed to death in front of a stately manor. Why was he on the premises? Why was he murdered? The police begin an investigation. Various suspicious characters emerge, and it quickly becomes evident that the authorities will have to do all in their power to prevent future killings. This is because a legendary treasure supposedly is hidden somewhere on the estate. The cache consists of two-and-a-half tons of gold, and it is just waiting to be discovered. Some of the suspects also are conspiring to get their hands on the booty. A few of them do so individually; others are working in pairs. They all come together, resulting in a sizzling mystery drama involving not only murder, but blackmail and embezzlement, jealousy and greed. Then, there is the foreboding presence of “The Black Abbot”, a phantom who is on the scene supposedly to protect the treasure from those who lust after it. Klaus Kinski (whose presence alone in a film is enough to make one’s skin crawl) is eerily effective in a supporting role as a dupficitous servant. Dubbed in English. 88 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense