Blonde Savage

2792. BLONDE SAVAGE (1947-USA). With LEIF ERICKSON, GALE SHERWOOD, VEDA ANN BORG, DOUGLASS DUMBRILLE, FRANK JENKS, JOHN DEHNER. One afternoon flyer- adventurer Steve Blake walks into a lawyer’s office and declares that he soon may need to be defended on a murder charge. Only the killing has not yet been committed! Whether or not he executes the crime will depend upon which of two individuals walks out of the police station across the street. If it is a certain girl, Blake will be delighted. However, if it is diamond mine owner Mark Harper, Blake will have no choice but to shoot him dead! Blake then tells the lawyer his story. He and his partner Hoppy Owens had recently been hired by Harper to locate and make peace with a warring black African tribe deep in “Kenya country.” As Blake and Hoppy attempt to complete their assignment, they find themselves having to fit together the pieces of a complex puzzle. Blake thus starts a treacherous journey along a dangerous route that leads him all the way to the lawyer’s office. Along the way he meets a most unusual woman. She is Meelah, and it is no exaggeration when she is described as a “blonde package of TNT.” Meelah is obviously Caucasian, yet she speaks no English and lives with the members of the tribe that have been fighting Harper. Who is Meelah? How did she become a part of the tribe? How is she connected to Harper? The answers to these questions are nothing short of shocking, and the result is a most satisfying and enjoyable melodrama- adventure. 60 minutes Jungle Adventure