Blood For A Silver Dollar

205. BLOOD FOR A SILVER DOLLAR (1966-ltaly-France). COLOR. With MONTGOMERY WOOD, EVELYN STEWART. An action-filled western, telling an ambitious tale of murder, revenge and romance with the hard-hitting impact of a precisely aimed bullet. At first glance-with its cleverly animated credits sequence, lush romantic music, frequent close-ups and abundant blood spilling violenceÑ it seems to be one of those countless imitations of “A Fistful of Dollars’ and other Sergio Leone-Clint Eastwood “spaghetti westerns.” But even though the film travels over familiar territory, it also veers off into interesting new areas of characterization, relationships and storyÑ including some genuinely surprising plot twists up to almost the very end. Following the Civil War, an embittered Confederate officer heads out West, hoping to establish a new home and have his wife eventually join him. But a strange turn of events leads him unwittingly to bring about the murder of his brother: and, after he’s left for dead by the evil land baron responsible, he returns on a single-minded mission of revenge-one that takes him into the very heart of his enemy’s bandit gang. The hero remains fiercely determined, even when he’s discovered, beaten and tortured, and especially when his beloved wife, having travelled west to find him, is about to face a fate worse than death at the hands of the brutal gang. Fast shooting, crafty, mysterious, and at times seemingly superhuman, he’s a worthy successor to Eastwood’s ÒMan With No Name” character. (And just watch the clever way in which that silver dollar of the title weaves in and out of the story.) Energetic, witty, thoroughly absorbing western adventure, Dubbed into English. 98 minutes. Western