Blood Of Jesus, The

2530. THE BLOOD OF JESUS (1941-usA). With SPENCER WILLIAMS, REVEREND R.L. ROBERTSON and THE HEAVENLY CHOIR. Directed and written by SPENCER WILLIAMS. This imaginative folk play from a renowned black filmmaker features a dramatic episode in the life of a truly religious woman. Sister Martha Jackson is baptized one Sunday morning while her impious husband, Rad, skips church services to go hunting. That afternoon, Sister Martha accidentally is shot when Rad carelessly leans his hunting rifle against a chair. The bullet goes clean through her chest and is lodged in the heart of a picture of Jesus, which hangs on the wall of their home. Local choir members pray over her injured body, with their plaintive spirituals declaring that only the Lord can make Sister Martha well. What is more, only the Lord can take the sin from Rad’s heart. As her mortality hangs in jeopardy and her soul waits at the crossroads of Hell and Zion, a guiding angel shows Sister Martha the difficult path she must travel down the highway of life in order to reach redemption. As Rad offers sincere prayers for his wife’s salvation, Sister Martha faces what may be the most significant journey of her fife. This visionary document of Afro-American folk culture offers a deeply moving story for members of aff cultures to appreciate. 57 minutes. “All Black” Drama