Bloodsuckers; Incense For The Damned; Doctors Wear Scarlet

2749. BLOODSUCKERS (Incense For The Damned) (Doctors Wear Scarlet) (1970-England) COLOR. With PATRICK MacNEE, PETER CUSHING, EDWARD WOODWARD. Richard Fountain is a brilliant young Oxford don and the son of the British foreign secretary. He is an authority on Greek mythology and is unofficially engaged to the daughter of a highly respected college provost. Currently, Richard is in Greece researching material for a book on Minoan rites. However, word arrives back home that his activities have not been limited to scholarly inquiry. In fact, it is reported that he has become involved with a group of people suspected of drug and other criminal offenses. Enter Tony Seymour, Richard’s old friend. He simply cannot believe that the allegations against Richard are true. In the company of Richard’s girlfriend and his star pupil at Oxford, Seymour sets off to Athens to investigate the plight and fate of his pal. He finds the first pieces of the puzzle and they are indeed disturbing. Richard apparently had been fearing that he was impotent. So he set out to prove otherwise, abandoning his previous lifestyle and seeking what is described as “some sort of freedom.” He made his way to the picturesque island of Mykonos and became sexually involved with a Greek woman. This liaison led to his becoming immersed in a hedonistic world of drug abuse and debauchery – and devil worship! Can Richard be saved? Find out in this fusty tale of sex, vampirism and seduction which is crammed with plenty of chills and thrills and unspeakable violence. 79 minutes Horror