100. BORNEO (1937-USA). Produced by MARTIN JOHNSON. With MARTIN and OSA JOHNSON. Narrated by LOWELL THOMAS. Comic Commentary by LEW LEHR. The final film by explorer and popular naturalist Martin Johnson, who, with his wife Osa, made some extraordinary documentaries between 1912 and 1937, recording their journeys to Africa, Asia and the South SeasÑ”through the dark, mysterious byways of the unknown world.” This exciting exploration of Borneo, “Island of the Impossible,” includes many unusual sights never before shown to movie audiences. Travel with the fearless Johnsons through awesome, almost impenetrable jungles; down treacherous, maze-like rivers; and into the land of the headhuntersÑ”The Wild Men of Borneo!” See unbelievably strange jungle creatures, including proboscis monkeys, flying snakes, and tree-climbing fish! Experience the couple’s narrow escape from a crazed tribe of headhunters! Thrill to the marathon battle between natives and a 300-pound orangutanÑan amazingly agile monster who swings from tree to tree and frustrates his would-be captors for three days! Lowell Thomas’ narration, though often smugly condescending toward Borneo’s inhabitants, does provide a wealth of background information. An educational and artistic documentary, which proves once again that truth is indeed stranger (and more suspenseful) than fiction. 76 minutes. Recommended. Adventure Documentary