Boy Of The Streets

1725. BOY Of THE STREETS (1937-usa). WITH jackie cooper, maureen o’connor, marjorie main. Original story by rowland brown. During the early 1930s, Jackie Cooper was one Of the movies’ shining lights as an Academy Award-nominated child star. Like most pre-teen actors, his popularity waned as he got older, but he could still act up a storm. He does well in this provocative, still-timely social drama as Chuck Brennan, a ragged, cocky teen prankster and dropout who heads up a gang Of delinquents on New York’s Lower East Side, Chuck is confident that the father he worships, whom he brags is a “pretty big shot,” will get him out Of any jam he gels into. In reality, this role model is a sniveling, no-good political hack who has squeezed the spirit out Of his world-weary, self-pitying mother (nicely played by Marjorie Main). While the film is at times pleasingly sentimental, it ultimately succeeds as an unflinching expose Of the manner in which urban poverty breeds crime, desolation and disease. Rowland Brown, upon whose original story this is based, was one Of Hollywood’s true mavericks: a talented but stubborn individualist who was constantly alienating himself from his bosses. Brown was originally supposed to script and direct this, but was removed from [he project. 70 minutes. Drama