Bride Of The Monster

787. BRIDE OF THE MONSTER (1956-USA). WITH Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, Loretta KING, TONY McCoy. Directed by Ed WOOD. Bela in his prime as Doctor Varnoff, a mad scientist, inhabiting a Victorian mansion filled with the latest in scientific, electronic and chemical mad-scientist type stuff. The good doctor is trying to create a race of giants each with the strength of 20 men. When several men disappear in the vicinity of Doctor Vamoffs house, a girl reporter decides to investigate. Hypnotized by the penetrating eyes of Varnoff, she is fated to be experimented upon, but is saved by Lobo, a giant mute who is disciplined regularly by Dr. Varnoff with a whip. Lobo finally decides he’s had enough, rescues the girl and gives the mad doctor a taste of his own medicine. The first film made by Bela Lugosi after his recovery from drug addiction. His comeback plans apparently were to continue in the rut he willingly dug for himself 25 years previously. Thank goodness his Transylvanian accent remained well honed. The monster in search of a bride turns out to be a giant octopus. The plot reaches critical mass when Doctor Varnoff, a pioneer in genetic mutation explodes in an atomic fireÂball. “He tampered with God,” is the only dialogue to end this tragedy. 70 minutes. Horror