Bring Me The Vampire

2547. BRING ME THE VAMPIRE (1963-Mexico). What a terrific double-bill this film would make with Paul Leni’s “The Cat and The Canary!” (See cat. #767.) Both are offbeat comic horror tales that feature terrified heirs who must spend a night in a haunted mansion. This fast-paced ghost story brings together seven talented and highly eccentric artisls who have been designated by millionaire industrialist Henry MacDermott to share his fortune. When the announcement comes that Henry has mysteriously died, the heirs must gather at once at the mansion, which is constructed on top of an old cemetery. Among those who join them are the attorney who holds the will and a private detective, as well as Henry’s disinherited brother Julius who is an insane accused murderer. Julius sometimes becomes a vampire who drinks blood and sleeps in a coffin in the cellar! Additionally, the ghost of Henry, complete with a dagger in his chest, occasionally makes an entrance. Skeletons and mummies, stray body parts and even a decapitated head make for an atmosphere of madness and mayhem in this hilarious fright fest. Dubbed in English. 80 minutes. Horror