Broadway To The Jungles; Police Call

2134. BROADWAY TO THE JUNGLES (Police Call) (1933-usa). With nick STUART, MYRNA (MERNA) KENNEDY. Boyishly handsome early sound era star and bandleader-to- be Nick Stuart is well-cast in this fast-paced adventure yarn. He plays Danny, scrupulously honest all-American boy who also happens to be a champion boxer. Danny wishes to retire from the ring because he is weary Of the sport’s brutality. After knocking out his latest opponent, he feels he has saved enough money to adequately support his widowed mother and kid sister. He now wants to realize his dream Of enrolling in college- “I’m gonna be a scientist and explorer,” Danny announces. “I’m gonna see something Of the world.” However, a dapper racketeer known as “The Chief” insists that Danny come work for him. It so happens that one Of the ganglord’s underlings has been running around with Danny’s sis. While defending her honor, Danny knocks the hood down a staircase. Fearing that he will be accused Of murder, Danny takes it on the lam. He winds upon on an archeological expedition deep in the wilds Of Guatemala, where he finds himself involved quite literally neck-deep in a deadly game Of romance and intrigue. 61 minutes. Adventure