Buick Berle Show, The

3163. THE BUICK BERLE SHOW (December 1, 1953-USA) NBC-TV net. With MILTON BERLE, JACK WEBB, LISA KIRK, RUTH GILBERT, ARNOLD STANG, SID CAESAR. Written by GOODMAN ACE, SELMA DIAMOND (among others). Sponsored by Buick. “The story you are about to see is trite and true…only the jokes have been changed to protect the innocent!” Guest Sid Caesar accuses Uncle Miltie of stealing his jokes and calls the cops. Who, but guest Jack Webb as Sgt. Friday of “Dragnet,” investigates the complaint. In a very funny dream sequence, Milton is tried before Judge Arnold Stang…and the scales of justice suddenly need rebalancing. Berle is found guilty before Sgt. Friday finds out the identity of the real culprit. You can now learn the final and funny answer to that important question: “Does Milton Berle actually steal jokes from other comedians?” 60 minutes. Live TV Comedy