Buster Keaton On Television

2032. BUSTER KEATON ON TELEVISION! (1950, 1951-USA). Two extremely rare examples of Buster’s art. Using pantomime and the pratfalls he made famous thirty years previously. The boxing match scene is a stroke of genius (Buster even gets towed out of the TV studio by a truck!) Buster remains very, very funny as the sight gags and routines are the nearest thing television ever came to the silent movies!
1. LIFE WITH BUSTER KEATON (1951) Syndicated. Buster plays a clerk in a sporting goods store who finds himself playing the lead in an old fashioned melodrama.
2. THE BUSTER KEATON SHOW (1950). Los Angeles local television. Sponsored by The Studebaker Dealers of Los Angeles. Buster works out in a gym and finds himself in the prize ring with a slugger. Highly recommended! 53 minutes total. Live TV Comedy