Cartoon Classics In Color: Porky, Daffy, Bugs, And Friends

1. OFTEN AN ORPHAN (1949-USA). With PORKY PIG. Directed by CHARLES M. (CHUCK) JONES, with the voice of MEL BLANC Charlie the dog and his master come to the country for a picnic as a ploy to abandon poor Charlie. The pooch is desperate to find a new home. The fun starts when he sets his sights on (and attempts to sink his paws into) farmer Porky,
2. A COY DECOY (1941-USA). With PORKY PIG, DAFFY DUCK. Supervised by ROBERT CLAMPETT. The scene is a quiet bookstore after closing hours, when the characters in various volumes come to life. Cowboy Porky is “The Westerner” while poor Daffy is “The Ugly Duckling,” Daffy soon contends with Ihe “Big Bad Wolf.”
3. THE HENPECKED DUCK (1941-USA). With DAFFY DUCK, PORKY PIG. Supervised by ROBERT CLAMPETT. Porky is the judge in a divorce court where the loudmouthed wife of forlorn Daffy has come to obtain marital freedom.
4. PORKY’S CAFE (1942-USA). With PORKY PIG. Supervised by CHARLES M. (CHUCK) JONES. Chipper Porky owns his own restaurant. He must comically deal with a demanding customer and a cook who is oblivious to the ingredients he puts in the food.
5. THE LION’S BUSY (1950-USA). With BEAKY BUZZARD, LEO THE LION. Directed by I. (FRIZ) FRELENG, with the voice of MEL BLANC. Deep in the jungle, the Irish-brogued Leo The Lion celebrates his tenth birthday. Famished Beaky Buzzard keeps reminding him that lions rarely live beyond that age.
6. WHICH IS WITCH (1949-USA). With BUGS BUNNY. Directed by I. (FRIZ) FRELENG, with the voice of MEL BLANC. We return to the jungle where a witch doctor (Dr. I.C. Spots) is mixing up a strange brew. To complete the concoction he needs one more ingredient: a rabbit. Guess who?
7. SWALLOW THE LEADER (1949-USA). Voices by MEL BLANC. Each year on March 19, the swallows return to the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Only this year a very hungry cat is awaiting their arrival, hoping to swallow a swallow.
8. PUSS N’ BOOTY (1943-USA). A none-too-bright damsel discovers her dickie bird is missing from its cage. This is the fifth canary that has disappeared in the past month. Her cat Rudolf coyly plays innocent.
58 minutes total. Cartoons