Case Of The Frightened Lady, The; Scarf Murder Mystery, The; Frightened Lady, The

2670. THE CASE OF THE FRIGHTENED LADY (The Scarf Murder Mystery) (The Frightened Lady) (1940-England). With MARIUS GORING, HELEN HAYE, PENELOPE DUDLEY WARD, FELIX AYLMER. Based on a play by EDGAR WALLACE. One would think that a character named Dowager Lady Lebanon would be the epitome of class and culture. As you will see as you watch this intricately plotted and most enjoyable thriller, names and titles can be deceiving. This Lady is a devious sort who has concocted a scheme to marry off her dim-witted son Willie to his cousin Isla, who is employed as Her Ladyship’s personal secretary. Isla resides with mother and son in Marks Priory, the Lebanon country estate, and she thinks an attempt is being made to imprison her in her bedroom. Indeed, someone has put a bolt on the outside of her door. What are the Lady’s motives for making Isla her daughter-in-law and toying with her fears? You just know that someone (or more likely several someones) is bound to be murdered. Who will the victims be? As a detective who arrives on the scene after one such killing so aptly observes, “There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye.” You’ll have a whale of a time as you try to figure out the whos, whats and whys of this absorbing mystery. By the way, Dowager Lady Lebanon is nicely played by the British character actress Helen Haye, who is not to be confused with the American stage star Helen Hayes. 81 minutes. Crime Mystery Suspense