Charley Chase: A Keystone Comedian

1. ALL WET (1924-U5A). With CHARLEY CHASE. Produced by HAL ROACH. This just isn’t Jimmie Jump’s day; going to the train station he gallantly rescues a man’s car from the mud, but ends up with his car hopelessly bogged down instead, While a cop writes out a ticket for illegal parking. Jimmie takes a trolley to the station-only to learn that he’s a day early, And he’s still in store for some trouble from a frisky lion! Directed by LEO McCAREY, who would later direct Laurel and Hardy shorts, the Marx Brothers’ “Duck Soup,” and other comedy classics. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #181.
2. BIG RED RIDINGHOOD (1925-USA). With CHARLEY CHASE. Directed by LEO McCAREY. Charley is Jimmie Jump, an intellectual giant and financial dwarf who is unable lo support his book-buying habit. The comic chaos begins as he is hired to translate “Little Red Ridinghood” into Swedish! Look for a cleverly staged auto chase.
3. TELL ‘EM NOTHING (1926-USA). With CHARLEY CHASE, GERTRUDE ASTOR, Charley is most amusing as a dapper divorce lawyer famed for solving the dilemmas of his female clients. The only trouble is, he has a problem far worse than any of those clientsÑhis own snooty and jealous mate! The fun starts when she spies him through a window in a compromising position.
4. LONG FLIV THE KING (1926-USA). With CHARLEY CHASE, OLIVER HARDY. Charley finds himself the king of a small European country, with envious noblemen out to “crown” him. Don’t miss the King’s helper, an overdrawn Jewish stereotype, but very funny. NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #77R.
5. BAD BOY (1925-USA). With CHARLEY CHASE. Directed by LEO McCAREY. Charley is a young man with a major problem. All he has to do is please both his mother and father, and they disagree on everything! He desperately wants to wed his sweetheart as soon as he makes good at his father’s iron foundry. However, once you see his job assignment you will know that this will be no easy task! A high point is Charley’s parody of an Isadora Duncan dance. “Silent” films with music score. 79 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy