Charley Chase: A Keystone Comedian

1. MIGHTY LIKE A MOOSE (1926-USA). With CHARLEY CHASE. Directed by LEO McCAREY. Charley appears as Mr. Moose, a married man with a most unusual tooth problemÑand a most unusual wife. Mrs. Moose has a nose so big you could drive a train through one of her nostrils. A visit to the dentist seems to fix Mr. M’s eyes as well as teeth, as he contemplates cheating on his Mrs. with an attractive homewrecker.
2. INNOCENT HUSBANDS (1925-USA). With CHARLEY CHASE, LUCIEN LITTLEFIELD, JIMMY FINLAYSON. Directed by LEO McCAREY. Here Charley plays Melvin, a husband who is true to his mate. This is precisely why she is forever suspicious that he is being unfaithful! As this slam-bang comedy unfolds, you just know that hapless Melvin will (unintentionally) give her much to be worried about.
3. THE CARETAKER’S DAUGHTER (1925-USA). With CHARLEY CHASE, JIMMY FINLAYSON. Directed by LEO McCAREY. Charley plays yet another married man, this one with a wife who “suspects his pastÑand has doubts about his futurel” An ornery automobile and a fake moustache are two of the key props in this comic gem.
4. LOOKING FOR SALLY (1925-USA). With CHARLEY CHASE. Charley’s just off the boat, back from Paris to meet his childhood sweetheart, Sally, Falling madly in love with Sally at first sight, but not knowing it’s her, Charley’s search for her leads to a Mission for lost souls. You won’t believe Charley and the horse on the hotel staircasel NOTE: This film also appears as cat. #76R,
“Silent” films with music score. 90 minutes total. “Silent” Comedy