Cheers For Miss Bishop

958. CHEERS FOR MISS BISHOP (1941-USA). WITH martha scott, wiuiam gargan, Edmund gwenn, sterling holloway, marsha hunt, and rosemary De camp. Adapted by steÂphen vincent benet. Superb acting, excellent writing, and perfect production values. What more could you ask? “Miss Bishop” is the story Of a young girl who graduates from a new college and stays on to teach freshman English – for over 50 years! In the tradition Of “Mr. Chips”. “Miss Bishop” explores the life Of one Of the noblest prOfessions teaching. Her two disappointing romances doom her to the life Of an old maid, but Miss Bishop does not lack for love. Her faithful friend Sam, her students, family, and fellow teachers, all give her a rich and rewarding life; a rich and rewarding viewing experience as well. Martha Scott equals and exÂpands her Oscar winning performance in “Our Town” (see catalogue #778). Highly Recommended. 95 minutes. Drama