Christmas Cartoons

1. SANTA’S SURPRISE (1947-USA) COLOR. With LITTLE AUDREY. Santa delivers toys to children all over the world. To show their apprecialion an international group of children lead by Little Audrey decides to do some thing nice for Santa, The result is a sweet and cheerful animated delight.
2. RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER (1948-USA) COLOR. Directed by MAX FLEISCHER. The day before Christmas, frolicking young reindeer tease little Rudolph about his large shiny red nose. That night Santa has trouble guiding his sleigh through the thick fog, You know the rest.
3. THE SNOW MAN (1934-U5A). Some remarkable animation makes this cartoon an extra- special treat. It tells the slory of an Eskimo boy and several Arctic animals who build a huge snowman. As they throw snowballs at him, he comes to life as a cruel monster. The resourceful Eskimo boy conjures up the powerful Northern Lights to melt the cold-hearted monster.
4. CHRISTMAS UP NORTH (Pals) (Christmas Night) (1935-USA), With THE LITTLE KING. You will be charmed by the Little King as he travels through his kingdom on Christmas Eve to observe his happy subjects. He meets two hoboes in front of a toy store and brings them back to the palace to spend the night!
5. YE OLDE TOY SHOPPE (1935-USA). When the old toymaker goes home, the toys in his shop come to life. Tin soldiers, a jack-in-the-box and wind-up dolls dance and cavort. A mean spider enters the shop, causing chaos which leads to a thrilling battle royale.
6. FROZEN FROLICS (1930-USA). In the far north two explorers ride a dog sled toward the North Pole. The weary canines eventually leave the explorers to trudge on by foot.
7. HECTOR’S HECTIC LIFE (1948-USA) COLOR. A mischievous dog has been warned by his strict lady owner. If he is bad he will be pitched out into the cold. If he is good he will receive a nice present from Santa. There is a knock at the door and the pooch finds a picnic basket. He brings it into the house, you will never guess what is inside!
8. A CHRISTMAS VISIT (1959-USSR) COLOR. This lovely Christmas confection chronicles the story of a little Russian boy who wants to be sure his daddy will have a Christmas tree. His father is a weatherman who toils far away at the bottom of the world in Antarctica. The boy hoists the family tree over his shoulder and hails a taxi. The driver tells him to borrow Sanla’s starship. Guess what happens next! 61 minutes total. Cartoons